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  Conductive Yarn
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Conductive Yarn

Conductive Yarn is the type of yarn that conducts electricity. It is manufactured by 
incorporating a monofilament metal yarn into the multi filament yarn, and add twist 
to the whole multifilament yarn.


Conductive Yarn has been used to manufacture items that dissipate static electricity, 
and its major applications including 
Anti-static products, high-temperature resistant 
filtration materials, textile materials for automobile, ships and space ships, protective 
materials for shielding of high frequency electromagnetic field, non-metallic shield 
for high voltage cable, military equipment, etc.
 Nowadays, conductive yarn has been 
getting more and more attentions, and is used in a wide range of areas.

The Conductive Yarn that our company supplies uses Polyester Industrial Yarn as the Polymer Carrier and is twisted with Carbon Yarn, which is the conductive particle.
The twist count we mostly commonly offer ranges from 40T/M to 260 T/M, 
and the twist direction includes both S and Z directions.

Technical Data

Polymer Carrier - Polyester Yarn
Linear Density Range: 1000
Linear Density Deviation: 2%

Breaking Tenacity: 6.2cN/dtex

Conductive Particle - Carbon
Linear Density 22D

Breaking Tenacity: 2.6-3.5cN/dtex

Spool Dimension

Option A: 

Top Round Edge: 57mm( ID)76mm(OD)

Bottom Flat Edge: 70mm( ID)76mm(OD)

Height: 290mm 

Option B: 

94mm( ID)110mm(OD)290mm(H)

Option C: 

74mm( ID)84mm(OD)290mm(H)

*All spool options can be with or without Transfer Tail.

(*All other specifications can be CUSTOM-PRODUCED upon request.)

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